Internship opportunities

30 March 2017

Our institute welcomes as interns students in computer science, mathematics, physics and engineering, providing opportunities such as:

  • - Starting a career in machine learning, currently the hottest topic in IT;

  • - Being part of an international, multidisciplinary research environment;

  • - Learning to do scientific research.

Machine Learning and Optimization Group (Luigi Malagò)

During the internship, the students will have the opportunity to:

  • - understand the basic mechanisms behind Deep Learning, one of the hottest trends in Data Science in the last few years;

  • - familiarize with TensorFlow, a framework by Google in Python to develop Deep Learning algorithms and applications;

  • - implement some basic Deep Learning algorithm;

  • - start to create the background necessary to develop a bachelor thesis in collaboration with us;

  • - face many challenges and have lots of fun.

Deep learning / machine learning

Examples of internship projects:

  • - Neural networks for the analysis of time series, with applications in text analysis and computer vision;

  • - Image segmentation using deep learning techniques in computer vision;

  • - Artistic styles for images using deep learning;

  • - Applications of deep learning for sound classification and recommending music.

Stochastic and Riemannian optimization

Examples of internship projects:

  • - Optimize functions defined over differential manifolds using first and second-order Riemannian optimization methods;

  • - Implement stochastic gradient descent methods for the black-box optimization of functions defined over continuous domains.

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Deep Computational Intelligence Group (Răzvan Florian)

Deep learning / machine learning

Examples of internship projects:

  • - Train deep neural networks that automatically generate interior designs;

  • - Generate innovative visualizations of what is happening in a deep neural network.

Code mining and visualization, programming

Examples of internship projects:

  • - Extract data from software repositories, creating „big code” for training an artificial intelligent system to learn to generate new code;

  • - Create a map of existing software, explore its structure, trends, economic impact, most used code modules, etc.;

  • - Develop interfaces between a neural network that learns how to program and a computer;

  • - Develop interfaces between a neural network and various simulated environments;


Nonlinear Science Group (Marius Danca)

You will learn:

  • - What are hidden attractors, a new concept related especially on chaotic attractors in nonlinear dynamical systems;

  • - How to simulate in the 3D phase space chaotic (hidden) attractors of nonlinear chaotic dynamical systems modeled by integer-order and fractional-order Differential Equations;

  • - To numerical integrate the underlying initial value problems with classical solvers;

  • - Procedures of finding planar and spatial initial conditions (attraction basins);

  • - How to write a scientific paper for major international scientific journals on nonlinear dynamics

How to apply

To apply, please fill this form no later than April 30, 2017.