Machine learning research

The Romanian Institute of Science and Technology currently has about 20 scientists working on research in machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI).

Some current research topics are:

  • studying how intelligent agents are able to learn about their environment by interacting with it, through curiosity-driven learning, using approaches such as deep learning, hierarchical reinforcement learning and meta-learning;
  • developing technologies for program synthesis or induction, using deep learning and other machine learning methods, with a focus on the automated development of web pages (HTML / CSS) or the synthesis of new types of autoencoders / compressors;
  • the design and analysis of novel training algorithms for neural networks in deep learning, by applying notions of Riemannian optimization and differential geometry.

Previously, our scientists have developed several new learning rules for spiking neural networks. Components of such a learning rule have been implemented in Intel’s Loihi neuromorphic chip.

We welcome collaborations with companies where we can apply our know how in deep learning and other machine learning methods. Contact us to discuss about this.

Scientific publications in machine learning