Research for Industry is a partner of Cluj Innovation Days

May 18th, 2015

Cluj Innovation Days, organized by Cluj IT Cluster, is an annual regional forum aimed to consolidate the IT community and to facilitate the interaction with business partners as well as the public sector.

The 2015 edition of the Cluj Innovation Days conference focuses on technological transfer: how to get the best ideas from the research lab in production and finally into the hands of the customers or end users. Every participant is an important stakeholder into the equation: researchers and academia members are the innovation pioneers, IT managers make way for innovation to penetrate the business environment, developers make ideas come true and the national & local authorities can provide the context in which this transfer of knowledge becomes possible.

Research  for Industry, a project of the Romanian Institute of Science and Technology, has supported three invited speakers:

Tom Thomas – Partner at Harper MacLeod Law Firm, UK.
Talk: „Technology transfer companies of UK universities”

Alberto DiConsiglio – IP specialist at the EPFL-TTO
Talk: „The provisional patent application in the IP strategy of a university”

Sergio Calabretta – Industrial relations manager – IDIAP, Lausanne
Talk: „Building bridges between IT research and industry”