RIST launches the Research for Industry project

July 10th, 2013

Thanks to a grant obtained through the Swiss-Romanian Cooperation Programme, RIST is launching the Research for Industry project, in partnership with the Technology Transfer Office of the Federal Polytechnic of Lausanne (EPFL-TTO). The project aims to stimulate contacts between academia and the private sector, both Romanian and foreign, as well as to support high-tech entrepreneurship in higher education and research institutions in Romania.
The Research for Industry project has 3 objectives:
1. Build a public database with high-tech and medium-tech Romanian companies.
2. Build a public database with applied research labs, as well as their most important infrastructures and patented technologies.
3. Organizing training events and workshops in technology transfer and entrepreneurship, on all the main research campuses in Romania, with the support of our partners from the EPFL.
By increasing the visibility of applied research and engineering activities in Romania and by the training offered by our EPFL partners, we hope to contribute to a significant acceleration of collaborations between business and academia, with benefits for both sides: a more competitive private sector, and an academic community better grounded in the economic realities. In addition, these contacts can be the source of an alternative source of funding, especially in a context in which public funds are no longer reliable.
The main vehicle for the project implementation is the researchforindustry.ro platform, which will be launched at the beginning of October.