The institute launches the platform

October 9th, 2013

The Romanian Institute of Science and Technology announces the launch of the web platform for supporting technology transfer and entrepreneurship in Romania. The platform is developed in partnership with the Technology Transfer Office of the Federal Polytechnic University of Lausanne, Switzerland (EPFL-TTO), and with the financial support of the Swiss-Romanian Cooperation Program and of the Ad Astra Association of Romanian researchers.

The objective of the platform is to increase the international visibility of Romanian applied research, to accelerate its international interconnectedness, and to offer the training and mentorship that researchers and institutions need in order to make measurable improvements in the technology transfer field. The platform will also have the role of aggregating the available information from the entire ecosystem, in order to offer a broad view of its evolution, and in order to support new entrepreneurial projects starting out of Romanian academia.

The platform has three main components:

1.       A free online research database, including information regarding human resources, infrastructures and potentially valuable research results (patents) in Romanian research institutions.

2.       A free online high-tech and medium-tech industry database, modeled on the database on the website of the Israeli Industry Center for R&D,

3.       An online technology transfer knowledgebase containing documents and other resources, including video recordings of the events, seminars or workshops organized through the project. These will be designed to support the technology transfer professionals from Romanian research institutions. There will be information about intellectual property management, industrial collaboration contract templates, funding sources in the private sector, technology assessment, as well as information about tech entrepreneurship.

The project will include the organization of a 3-day workshop in Lausanne for 14 researchers and/or tech transfer professionals from Romanian research institutions, several training seminars on Romanian research campuses featuring tech transfer experts from Switzerland, Romania and from other countries, as well as a 2 week “On the job” training internship at the EPFL-TTO for 2 Romanian technology transfer professionals.