Deep Computational Intelligence

This department studies how intelligent agents are able to learn about their environment by interacting with it, through curiosity-driven learning, using approaches such as deep learning, hierarchical reinforcement learning and meta-learning. The department also develops technologies for program synthesis or induction and for assisting software developers, using deep learning and other machine learning methods for analyzing and processing large databases of computer software.

Machine Learning and Optimization

This department studies design and analysis of novel training algorithms for neural networks in deep learning, by applying notions of Riemannian optimization and differential geometry.

Nonlinear Science

Marius F. Danca studies continuous/non-smooth chaotic dynamical systems of integer/fractional order.


  • Iulia Cifor – financial director
  • Camelia Cinc – payroll officer / economist
  • Ana-Maria Coatu – administrative assistant
  • Nicoleta Vaida – chief accounting officer (on maternal leave)

Board of directors